Your New Favorite Turks & Caicos Beach: Long Bay


If there's one thing the Turks & Caicos are known for, it's our beaches: sugary white sands paired with strikingly clear blue seas. It's an unbeatable combination that keeps thousands of people coming back to our shores year after year.

Chances are if you could list any Turks & Caicos beach by name, it would be Grace Bay Beach, which has dominated TripAdvisor's list of top beaches in the world for several years. But there is another lesser known beach on the south side of Providenciales that's quickly climbing the ranks as one of the top in the Turks & Caicos. And that's the tranquil three-mile stretch known as Long Bay Beach.

There are a number of reasons to love our namesake beach, not least of all because of its peace and seclusion. While none of the Turks & Caicos beaches are crowded, Long Bay Beach offers a quieter, more private alternative to the more popular Grace Bay Beach. Don't be surprised if, on your morning walk along Long Bay's shores, you don't see anyone else. And let's face it—the best beaches are the ones where the only footprints to be found are your own.

 Photo courtesy of  KiteProvo

Photo courtesy of KiteProvo

Beyond the privacy it lends to those lucky enough to stroll its shores, Long Bay Beach is the ideal place for a range of watersports, from kayaking to kiteboarding. In fact, there is one stretch of Long Bay known by another nickname: "Kite Beach." Here is where, on windy days, you'll often find a collection of colorful kites floating in the sky above the ocean, as novices and pros alike spend their days surfing along the shallow waters, propelled by the wind in their kites. And there are a variety of local kiteboarding schools to choose from, so it doesn't matter if you're new to the sport—take a few lessons and you'll be flying in no time.

On calmer days, explore Long Bay Beach by kayak or paddleboard—which we provide our guests at Long Bay Beach Club. The clear, shallow waters make it easy to spot coral, starfish and sea turtles below the surface. The east end of the beach is home to a maze of mangroves, where juvenile sea life thrive.

However you choose to enjoy Long Bay Beach—whether by taking in its natural beauty on a leisurely stroll, soaking up the sun on one of our beachfront decks or getting active out on the water—one thing is for sure. A new Turks & Caicos beach will top your list of favorites. And you'll be back again. We'll be waiting...