Turks & Caicos Strong: Recovered and Ready to Welcome You Back

 Photo by  Provo Pictures

Life on an island comes with its perks: beautiful beaches, warm and sunny weather, delicious seafood and that relaxed, never-in-a-hurry way of living known as island time. But there is a price that comes with living on an island—and that’s hurricane season, which runs from June 1 to Nov. 30.

Most years, we get lucky. Hurricanes often either dodge the Turks & Caicos or weaken before they arrive. This hurricane season, however, has been a particularly active one for us. By now, most people are familiar with Hurricane Irma and the havoc she wreaked throughout the Caribbean. Although not a direct hit to Providenciales, Hurricane Irma was a powerful storm and left Long Bay Beach Club with some bumps and bruises. Just a week later, Hurricane Maria came through, but thankfully with very little effect to our islands.

In the aftermath of the storm, it’s not the destruction that’s most striking—rather, it’s the way our islands have come together, working to build a better, stronger Turks & Caicos in Irma and Maria’s wake. Within days of the storms, grocery stores, restaurants and other local businesses had reopened. Since then, our islands—Provo in particular—have progressed to the point that you'd never know we recently had a run-in with two hurricanes. Most businesses have reopened, with many villas and resorts to follow close behind. We have been pleased to see Turks & Caicos recover quickly with our beaches as beautiful as ever and are welcoming back our visitors and guests. 

At Long Bay Beach Club, we have been using this slow time of year to focus on some finishing touches to our new villas that we had all along planned for and improve the overall Long Bay Beach Club experience as we add privacy elements throughout the property, and pergolas both around the villas and on the beach decks. We are pleased to share that Long Bay Beach Club will reopen its doors to guests for Thanksgiving.

 Photo by  Provo Pictures

As the Turks & Caicos continue to work together to get back to normal and help those in need, we’re prouder than ever to be a part of this community. Already, tourists have made their way back to our islands to enjoy all we have to offer. Even destination weddings have resumed, with one couple refusing to cancel their late September wedding, tying the knot on our beaches just weeks after the hurricanes. And visiting the Turks & Caicos is not only the perfect way to kick back and relax in a dreamy place—it’s also the best way you can support us!

So don’t hesitate. Our reopening is a few months away, but the holidays are a busy time for the Turks & Caicos and now is the time to book—we’re ready to take your reservation!